Safety in your home

How to keep you and your home safe and what to do if you have pests, asbestos, carbon monoxide, or need your smoke detector, gas or electrical checked.

Fire safety

We want you to feel safe in your home and know what to do if there is a fire.
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Gas safety

We must complete a gas safety check once a year for all homes with a gas meter or gas pipework. This helps keep you, your family and your neighbours safe.
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Electrical testing

We check all electrical wiring before you move into your home. We are legally required to repair the electrical installation in your home.
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Pest control

Pests include ants, mice, rats and wasps. Sunderland City Council has a pest control service that is free.
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Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas you cannot see, taste or smell. To help keep you safe, we check your gas meter and gas pipework once a year.
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Water hygiene

There is a risk of bacteria, like Legionella, growing in your water system but there are things you can do to reduce the risk.
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Asbestos can be dangerous if moved or damaged. You must get permission from your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator before you improve or adapt your home.
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High-rise building safety

A high-rise building is at least 18 metres or 7 storeys tall and has at least 2 flats. We have 25 high-rise buildings across Sunderland.
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Flood awareness

Useful information and steps to take to help you remain prepared for any potential flooding in your property
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