Our repairs service is available to all customers so we can prevent further damage and make sure you feel safe and secure in your home.

Reporting a repair

Find out how to report a repair, what information we need from you, what happens at your repair appointment, and how we prioritise repairs.
Find out more about reporting a repair

Emergency repairs

These repairs are when there is an immediate risk to your health and safety or damage to your home if we do not repair them quickly.
Find out more about emergency repairs

Cancelling or rearranging your repair appointment

You can request to cancel or rearrange a repair appointment if you need to. Try to let us know more than 24 hours before your appointment.
Find out more about cancelling or rearranging your repair appointment

No heating or hot water

A warm home helps reduce illness and prevent damp. There are checks you can do to fix your heating and hot water before you report a repair.
Find out more about what to do when you have no heating or hot water

Dealing with damp and mould

Damp happens when water comes into your home from outside or because of condensation or water leaks. Damp can damage your home and cause mould.
Find out more about dealing with damp and mould

Water leaks, blocked pipes and drains

Water leaks and blocked drains can cause a lot of damage to your home and may affect your neighbours’ homes too.
Find out more about water leaks, blocked pipes and drains

Who is responsible for repairs

There are repairs we are responsible for, repairs you are responsible for and repairs we will charge for.
Find out more about who is responsible for repairs

Disrepair claims

Disrepair is when a property or building is in a poor condition and needs to be maintained or repaired.
Find out more about disrepair claims
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