Tenancy agreements

All our tenants have a tenancy agreement that is a legal contract between them and us.

We may only change the terms of your tenancy agreement if we follow sections 102 and 103 of the Housing Act 1985.

Assured transferring tenancy agreement

An assured transferring tenancy agreement is for people who have been tenants since before 2001, when Sunderland City Council transferred properties to us.

Shorthold starter tenancy agreement

A shorthold starter tenancy agreement is for new tenants and lasts 12 months but may be extended.

Assured tenancy agreement

An assured tenancy agreement is for tenants when they become assured tenants when their shorthold starter tenancy agreement ends.

Affordable rented tenancy

An affordable rent tenancy is for our affordable rent properties where the rent is 80% of local market rent. We plan to build over 1,200 new, affordable homes to rent by 2026.

Tenants with an affordable-rented tenancy will have a shorthold starter or assured tenancy agreement.