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We are a housing association that provides homes for more than 60,000 people.

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Support from our Money Matters Team

Our Money Matters Team is available to provide a free advice and support service to our customers to help them best manage their finances.
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We're here to help in challenging times

1 February 2024

Customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties at the onset of 2024 are being reminded that Gentoo is on hand to help with support in challenging times.  

For some, the winter months and colder temperatures can be the toughest period of the year to negotiate, particularly with en......

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26 February 2024

Rent and service charges 2024 to 2025

Increasing rent is not an easy decision but necessary to meet rising costs and allow us to contin...

22 February 2024

We have launched our customer friendly complaints and compliments policy

Complaints are very important to us; they help us to improve our service and offer us the opportu...

15 February 2024

Building homes and habitats for nature

Our Penshaw Gardens affordable housing scheme which is building much needed homes for people over...