Our responsibilities as a landlord

Find out about our responsibilities and services. This includes repairs, leaseholders, customer services and concierge services, and helping vulnerable customers.

Our responsibilities and services

We continuously measure and monitor our services to make sure we maintain the highest standards possible.
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Setting rents and service charges

Every March, we tell customers and leaseholders what their rent and yearly service charges are. We set rent and service charges based on government guidelines.
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Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud is someone illegally living in a property they are not entitled to. It stops people who are waiting for a property from getting a home.
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Former customer arrears

If your tenancy has ended with outstanding arrears, we will work with you to agree a plan that that works for you and your finances.
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Information for leaseholders

A leaseholder owns a flat in a building that Gentoo owns. Your lease contains the terms and conditions you agree to follow.
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