Customer and Community Voice groups

The groups are a forum to help us make business decisions and improve our services, so we always help customers, leaseholders and residents.

Purpose of the groups

We have 5 Customer and Community Voice groups for the Gentoo areas of:

  • Central Sunderland
  • Houghton and Hetton
  • North Sunderland
  • South Sunderland
  • Washington

Each group is led by a chairperson who is a Gentoo customer or resident.

The groups work together to:

  • give feedback on changes to our service
  • decide how to spend the local area budget
  • identify what needs improving in the local areas
  • approve Aspire grant applications

Group meetings

The groups meet every 3 months with our Customer Voice Team at our offices or in the local community.

The meetings are 2 hours long. The first hour of the meeting is to discuss local matters affecting customers and the second hour is to for funding applications and important business decisions. 

How to get involved

To volunteer and be part of the group, you must be a customer, a leaseholder or live in a Gentoo neighbourhood.

If you would like to get involved, fill in the Customer and Community Voice groups application form or email