Supporting you back into work

We can refer you to partner organisations who can give advice, support and training to help you learn new skills and get back into work.

Under One Roof – our partnership with Northern Rights

Under One Roof gives people who want to get back into work one-to-one support with a job coach. It provides:

  • confidence for life and work
  • qualifications in English, maths and IT
  • support to help you write a CV
  • interview skills

Under One Roof can help if you are unable to find work or have been unemployed for a long time. This includes people:

  • aged 50 or over
  • negatively affected by the gender gap
  • from ethnic minority groups
  • with disability
  • with health conditions
  • aged 16 or over and not in education, employment or training

If you would like to be referred to Under One Roof, call 0191 525 5000 and select option 4.

For further information about Under One Roof and Northern Rights:

Find out more information about Northern Rights.

Housing Employment Network North East (HENNE)

HENNE is a partnership of 13 housing providers across the North East that are responsible for more than 190,000 homes. The partnership and its providers work with tenants, residents, communities, and stakeholders to achieve a strategic, co-ordinated approach to employability.

Research shows that 4 in 10 people living in social housing are economically inactive, compared with about 2 in 10 people living in other types of housing.

HENNE aims to support tenants and residents with direct access to the local labour market and help people develop skills and experience too. HENNE will work with people who are economically inactive to help support and explore how they can prepare for, find, and get quality jobs.

Aside from Gentoo, the providers on the partnership are:

Each housing provider has a careers or jobs page.

Foundation of Light programmes

The Foundation of Light offers programmes at the Beacon of Light to help young people aged 16 to 19 get qualifications, skills and practical work experience.

Back on Track helps young people aged 16 to 19 get qualifications, skills and practical work experience. Find out more about the Back on Track programme.

Back in the Game helps people aged 19 and over to get skills, improve their confidence and help them apply for work. It is a mix of classroom and practical activities. Find out more about the Back in Game programme.

If you want to start your own business

The North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) has information and support for people who want to start their own business. Find out more about the support to start your own business from North East BIC.