Your home

Your rights as a customer and how to manage your tenancy. This includes how to be safe, insure your contents, maintain your home and keep it in a good condition.

My Gentoo

My Gentoo gives you access to different services to help you manage your tenancy. It is available 24 hours a day.
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Our repairs service is available to all customers so we can prevent further damage and make sure you feel safe and secure in your home.
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Paying your rent and other charges

There are many ways you can pay your rent, home contents insurance, and other charges. This includes things like service charges, ground rents and Shared Ownership rent.
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Safety in your home

How to keep you and your home safe and what to do if you have pests, asbestos, carbon monoxide, or need your smoke detector, gas or electrical checked.
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Maintaining and living in your home

How to maintain your home and what you need our permission for. Including information about living in a flat, sheltered housing and extra care schemes.
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Insuring the contents of your home

We recommend everyone has contents insurance to protect their valuables. You can get it from any provider, but we designed our scheme for customers and leaseholders.
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Swapping your home

You can swap your home with another Gentoo customer or with a customer from another registered housing provider or council.
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Ending your tenancy or moving out of a Gentoo property

There are things you must do when you end your tenancy. Or when you move out of a Gentoo property to a different Gentoo property.
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Customer rights

Your tenancy agreement gives you the right to use our repairs, emergency repairs, and support services. As a customer, you have rights we must respect.
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Our responsibilities as a landlord

Find out about our responsibilities and services. This includes repairs, leaseholders, customer services and concierge services, and helping vulnerable customers.
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Tenancy agreements

All our customers have a tenancy agreement that is a legal contract between them and us that sets out their rights and responsibilities.
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Monkwearmouth and Roker district heating

Core 364 is a district heating scheme in Monkwearmouth and Roker where a ground source heat pump system heats homes in 7 high-rise buildings.
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Washington district heating

The district heating system supplies heating and hot water to homes in Albany, Fatfield and Oxclose. Properties in Washington on the district heating system are unlikely to have a gas supply.
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