Gentoo Group Governance

Board and Committee membership

Gentoo’s Governance structure is made up of a Group Board and a number of subsidiary boards and committees. Depending upon the Board/Committee membership is comprised of Executive Directors, Independent Non-Executive Directors, Tenant and Council members who play a key role in the leadership and decision-making processes of the Group providing direction, valuable challenge and scrutiny.

In addition, there is a Scrutiny Panel (Ustoo), made up of our tenants who review and monitor our performance.


Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for driving forward Gentoo Group's business and leading our brilliant workforce. Each individual Executive Director has a specific functional responsibility. This includes the areas of Operations, Corporate Services, Finance and Property.

How we run our business

As a Private Registered Provider and a socially responsible organisation regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and other regulatory bodies, we are committed to maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance.

Our governance arrangements and structure allows us to comply with our adopted Code of Corporate Governance, which is the National Housing Federation's Code of Governance: promoting board excellence for housing associations.