Neighbourhood Co-ordinators

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators engage and work with customers, leaseholders, residents and the wider community to have a positive effect on people’s lives.

What Neighbourhood Co-ordinators do

They offer practical advice and support to help you successfully manage your tenancy. This includes if you have support needs or are unable to pay your rent.

If we are unable to support you, your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator will refer you to a partner organisation who can help.

Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator will regularly visit you so they can:

  • get to know you and your needs better
  • provide you with the support you need to sustain a successful tenancy
  • help us to improve our services
  • make sure we treat everyone fairly

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators also:

  • manage vacant properties in the neighbourhood
  • support customers to report repairs to make sure properties are in a good condition
  • make sure the neighbourhood is well maintained, and kept clean and tidy
  • address issues in the neighbourhood, like antisocial behaviour
  • work with the wider community and community groups

Central Sunderland

Central Sunderland includes:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators in Central Sunderland

Houghton and Hetton

Houghton and Hetton includes:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators in Houghton and Hetton

North Sunderland

North Sunderland includes:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators in North Sunderland

South Sunderland

South Sunderland includes:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators in South Sunderland


Washington includes:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators in Washington

Areas outside Sunderland

Areas outside Sunderland include:

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators outside Sunderland