Ending your tenancy or moving out of a Gentoo property

There are things you must do when you end your tenancy. Or when you move out of a Gentoo property to a different Gentoo property.

Ending your tenancy

If you are in a joint tenancy, either tenant can end the tenancy. This will end the tenancy for both tenants.

If you want to end your tenancy, you must tell us first.

To end your tenancy, 4 weeks before you plan to move out and leave your home you can:

You can end a tenancy for someone else when they die.

Before you end your tenancy or move out of a Gentoo property

Get the property inspected by your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator

Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator will let you know what you need to do to the property before you end your tenancy. They will agree with you what furniture and items you can leave behind.

Clean and empty the property

You must:

  • leave the property clean, neat and tidy
  • repair or replace any broken fixtures and fittings you are responsible for

Find out more about the repairs you are responsible for.

You must remove all your furniture and belongings, including from your:

  • loft space
  • garden
  • garage and any other outbuildings

If you need to remove a gas or electric cooking appliance, you must get a competent person to remove it. You must leave the property and its fixtures in a safe condition.

If you rent any furniture from Newcastle Furniture Service, you must contact them and arrange to return any furniture.

If you need help to clear a property, Sunderland City Council has a bulky waste collection service that costs £10 for 1 to 6 items.

You can use the free household waste and recycling centres in Pallion and Wrekenton.

You can donate goods to British Heart Foundation and use their house clearance service.

Clear all garden areas and cut back plants

This includes removing any greenhouses, sheds and decking you had put in.

You may be able to get help to maintain your garden.

Gas and electricity supply

Tell your gas and electricity suppliers you are leaving the property, so they can read your meter and make sure you only pay for what you use.


Arrange for Royal Mail to send your post to your new address.

Telephone, internet and television licence

To end or move your services, contact whoever provides your landline and internet connection.

Update your address with TV Licensing or cancel your TV licence if you no longer need one.

Local and central government

You must update your address with Sunderland City Council if you:

  • pay Council Tax
  • get Housing Benefit
  • get Council Tax Support
  • have a Blue Car Badge

Update your address with Sunderland City Council.

You must update your address with HM Revenue and Customs if you:

  • get State Pension
  • pay Income Tax
  • pay National Insurance
  • get tax credits
  • get Child Benefit

Update your address with HM Revenue and Customs.

If you get Universal Credit, sign into your Universal Credit account to update your address.

If you get any other benefits, find out who you have to contact to tell them you have a new address.

If you have a car or other vehicle, update your address with the Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

You can also register to vote at your new address.

Update your address with other organisations

This may include your:

  • employer
  • doctor
  • bank
  • insurance companies to cancel or switch your home contents, life or car insurance

When you end your tenancy or move out of a Gentoo property

Tenancies always end on a Sunday. You must return your keys to us by midday on Monday the day after.

If you do not return the keys to us on time, we may charge you an extra week’s rent. If you get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, this will only pay for one property.

After you move out and leave your home

Because it costs us time and money to clean, empty and repair a property, we may charge you if the property:

  • is not clean, neat and tidy
  • has furniture that you and your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator did not agree you could leave behind
  • needs repair work, like dented or smashed internal doors, broken or painted kitchen units
  • needs repair work that you are responsible for

Find out more about the repairs you are responsible for.

If we charge you for cleaning, emptying or repairing a property, we will agree a repayment plan with you. If you do not pay, we will not allow you to reapply to join our housing register.