Maintaining the land around your home

We are responsible and committed to keeping your neighbourhood safe, attractive, and well maintained.

Land we own

Our Grounds Maintenance Team maintains the land around your home. We:

  • cut and mow grass in public spaces
  • remove grass clippings from hard surfaces
  • prune or remove trees that are dangerous
  • prune or shape hedges and bushes
  • weed shrubs and hedges
  • plant flower beds

We do some of our work, like cutting grass, during the spring and summer only.

Land owned by Sunderland City Council

We own some of the land in the area, and so do Sunderland City Council. The land Sunderland City Council own is their responsibility to maintain.


Our janitors make sure communal and outside areas are clean, safe and secure including:

  • bin chutes and bin areas
  • floors
  • garden areas
  • landings
  • lifts
  • stairwells
  • windows

They do this for:

  • all 25 high-rise buildings
  • Benedict Court
  • 32 to 105 Arklecrag

When needed, janitors report repairs, suspicious incidents or observations.

Contact details for all janitor teams.