Your neighbourhood

We want our neighbourhoods to be safe, welcoming places to live. Our Neighbourhood Co-ordinators give advice and can refer you when you need more support.

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators

Neighbourhood Co-ordinators engage and work with tenants, leaseholders, residents and the wider community to have a positive effect on people’s lives.
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Home improvements in your area

We have committed to invest £300 million to improve our existing homes and neighbourhoods from 2019 to 2024.
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Neighbourhood safety

We want to help prevent and reduce as much antisocial behaviour, domestic abuse, hate crime and hate incidents as possible.
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Maintaining the land around your home

We are responsible and committed to keeping your neighbourhood safe, attractive, and well maintained.
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Tenant annual reports

Every year we publish a tenant annual report. We share information about our performance, our achievements and what we spend your rent on.
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