Maintaining and living in your home

How to maintain your home and what you need our permission for. Including information about living in a flat, sheltered housing and extra care schemes.

Being a good neighbour

People have different lifestyles. When you live alongside people or share a building, it is important to respect your neighbours.
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Decorating, improving and adapting your home

We want all tenants to feel at home in their property and encourage them to decorate. But you may need our permission before you decorate, improve or adapt your home.
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Gardens and garden sheds

Maintaining your garden and any garden sheds is part of your tenancy. You need our permission for artificial turf and other garden coverings, and to get a shed or other outbuilding.
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Living in a flat, sheltered housing or extra care scheme

We have different flats and schemes across Sunderland. Flats in high-rise and low-rise buildings, sheltered housing and extra schemes have communal building entrances and hallways.
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Parking outside your home

You must not park any vehicle in any place or way that would endanger, damage or obstruct other people, vehicles or property. All vehicles must be taxed, insured and fit to drive.
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Pets in your home

How many pets or the type of pets you can have depend on the type of property you rent from us.
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