Being a good neighbour

People have different lifestyles. When you live alongside people or share a building, it is important to respect your neighbours.

Always keep noise to a reasonable level

You must be as quiet as possible between 11pm and 7.30am.

To do this you can:

  • use the door handle or doorknob to close doors carefully rather than letting them slam
  • fit a carpet instead of laminate, wood or ceramic flooring
  • do louder tasks, like DIY, vacuuming, putting out rubbish or using communal rubbish chutes, or using your washing machine, during the day, in the early evening, or on a weekend
  • play music, TV and games at a suitable volume
  • use your usual speaking voice
  • keep communal areas, landings, hallways, stairs, corridors and lifts clear of rubbish and other items like mobility scooters, bicycles and furniture

If noise becomes an issue

You can speak to your neighbour about it and agree a way forward.

If that does not work or you feel uncomfortable approaching a neighbour, contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator. If you live in a sheltered housing or extra care scheme, contact your Scheme Manager.