Parking outside your home

You must not park any vehicle in any place or way that would endanger, damage or obstruct other people, vehicles or property. All vehicles must be taxed, insured and fit to drive.

Where you can park your car

You can park your car:

  • in a communal car park
  • on a properly built driveway

A properly built driveway has a dropped kerb that allows your car to cross safely from the road to a driveway.

You can also park your car on a public street, at your own risk.

You must not park or drive your car or any other vehicle on any:

  • footpath
  • pavement or paved area
  • grass verge or grassed area

Driveways and carports

You need our permission to build a driveway. You will also need to apply for planning permission for a dropped kerb from Sunderland City Council.

If you would like to build a driveway, call 0191 525 5000 and select option 4.

We never give permission for people to build a carport.

Parking other kinds of vehicle

You need our permission to park any vehicle that is not a car on your property or in a communal car park. This includes:

  • caravans
  • vans
  • trailers
  • commercial vehicles
  • horse boxes

To get permission to park a vehicle other than a car on your property or in a communal car park, call 0191 525 5000 and select option 4.

Repairing vehicles outside of your home

You must only complete minor repairs to vehicles outside of your home, and they should be done at a reasonable time of the day.

Repairs must not be for profit or disturb neighbours with excessive noise, smells, fumes, dirt or vibrations.

Outside your home means areas that are:

  • part of your property, like driveways, backyards and gardens
  • near your property, like nearby streets and back lanes