Electrical testing

We check all electrical wiring before you move into your home. We will test the electrical installation in your home every 5 years to make sure it is safe.

Keeping the electrics in your home safe

It is your responsibility to make sure your own electrical devices and appliances are safe.

Call 0191 525 5000 if:

  • your plug sockets are not working
  • your electricity is not working
  • you have any issues or concerns with any of the electrics in your home

Electrical testing appointment

We have a legal responsibility to complete electrical testing. If you do not let us into the property for the appointment, you may lose access to our emergency repairs service.

We will test the electrical installation in your home every 5 years. Our testing will include:

  • electrical wiring
  • plug sockets
  • lights

We will send you a letter with the date for your electrical testing appointment. If you are not going to be home on the day of the appointment, you can:

  • call us to reschedule on 0191 525 5000
  • arrange to have someone 18 or over to let us into your home

The test can take 4 hours to complete.

We will:

  • switch off all electrical equipment before the test
  • switch off your electricity for most of the test
  • need access to all electrical equipment, including the fuse board, switches and sockets

You must make sure we can access all electrical equipment during the appointment.