Information for people who own a property

As a charity, we offer housing to people who need it. This is usually because of their personal situation or they have health or mobility needs.

You can still apply to join our housing register

But we never allow people who own a property to rent it out while they rent from us.

You must prove you:

  • have sold it
  • are selling it
  • are giving up or selling your part of it

When we check your financial situation

We will include:

  • any money you got when you sell or sold your house, even if you give the money to someone else
  • the market value of your property if you sign it over to someone else without selling it

This is to make sure the decision-making process is fair and transparent.

If we decide you are not eligible for our housing register

We will give you advice and support about other options.

This includes information about Gentoo Homes properties and market rent properties.