We've created a new Customer Committee to ensure customers are at the heart of decision making

We have created a new Customer Committee to ensure customers are at the forefront of the Group’s decision making.

The six customers forming the committee will meet bi-monthly to shape how we deliver services across Sunderland.

The Customer Committee is a central part of how our services are overseen. It will provide direct feedback to the our Board to ensure that consumer standards are being met, value for money is being achieved and excellent services are being delivered to our customers households.

The committee will help Gentoo achieve its vision of great homes, strong communities and inspired people by acting as a sounding board on all aspects of the organisation offering advice and guidance on how best they can offer all households the chance to voice their views, ensuring that the Group listens and acts on its feedback.

Julia Wysocka, a Gentoo customer and one of the committee members, said: “I am delighted to be part of the customer committee. I work closely with a lot of Gentoo customers in my full-time job and as a customer myself, I want to make a difference and have a voice for the communities in the city.”

Angela Dalzell, who is also on the new committee, added: “I have a great understanding of what our communities are going through and as a member of a community I know the pressure and support that is needed to help and assist customers who are facing difficulties and issues in their lives.”

As part of their induction to Gentoo, the six new recruits have undertaken a bespoke induction and training programme. They are also undertaking site visits across Sunderland to understand the broad range of services the Group delivers to its 60,000 customers.

Emily Cox MBE, Gentoo Group Chair, said: “Our core purpose at Gentoo is to provide safe and decent homes for our customers of today and tomorrow.

“We’ve set up the committee so our customers can have a real input into the key strategic decisions that are made by the Board. It’s very important that our customers’ voices are heard on these matters and that they are also given a clear understanding of the challenges Gentoo faces.

“As Chair, I really want to hear from a diverse group of customers on the issues that matter to them. It is about understanding our customers and demonstrating that not only are we listening, but we are also acting on their feedback and recommendations.

“Our new committee members are passionate and a great addition to our governance structure, with a range of different customers with different skill sets. I want the committee to have a real purpose and be of great value to Gentoo and I am looking forward to seeing the impact it will make.”

As well as the Customer Committee, Gentoo offer a range of ways for customers to get involved and share feedback including scrutiny, task and finish groups and digital engagement via Your Gentoo Voice. 

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