Rent and service charges 2023 to 2024

Across the country prices are going up. We know many people are worried about making their money stretch to cover the basics.

Gentoo is here to support any tenant who needs us. We have specially trained, dedicated teams and grant schemes available to anyone who may need them.

As a landlord, we care about the people who live in our homes. We understand that sometimes our tenants may need financial assistance or extra support.

Find out more about how we can help you to manage your money.


Like all housing associations in England, we work within government policy when setting rent charges. Find out more about how we set rents and service charges.

Following government guidelines, the rent existing tenants pay will increase by no more than 7% from April 2023. This is below the UK inflation rate, which is currently more than 10%.

Why we have changed your rent

We need to make sure the money we get from rent is enough to pay for services to manage, maintain, repair and improve your home.

The costs for us to provide these services have increased. For example, the cost of:

  • 1,000 bricks has increased by 32%
  • installing front doors has increased by 20%
  • installing windows has increased by 14%

Service charges

If you live in a building that has communal areas or facilities, you usually pay service charges as well as rent.

This includes flats in high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings, sheltered housing and extra care schemes.

Water and sewerage charges are usually paid with your rent.

Find out more about how we set rents and service charges.

Why we have changed your service charges

We need to make sure the money we get is enough to pay for communal services.

Your service charge statement may have an entry for ‘Landlord contribution to communal charges’. This is how much we have contributed to your service charges so the amount you pay does not increase by more than £5 a week.

How we spend your rent and service charges

In 2022 to 2023 we will spend:

  • £74 million to maintain, repair and invest in our properties
  • £25 million to build new, affordable homes to rent
  • £29 million to run Gentoo and pay our employees
  • £24 million to repay interest and loans
  • £6 million to pay other costs like pension bonds and insurance
  • £4 million to maintain our estates
  • £4 million to pay for communal services

Further information

You can get more information about your rent and service charges from your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

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