Lambton Tower

Fire safety summary

Lambton Tower
SR1 2AZ or SR1 2BA

Property type: High rise
No. of storeys: 19 

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Significant findings from fire risk assessment:

1. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) assessments should be put in place for residence requiring assistance.

2. Upgrades required to fire doors in means of escape.

3. The fire service controls on the lifts should be confirmed as serviced when the lifts are serviced.

How we are managing fire risk in the buildings: 

1. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) procedure in place. This is reviewed monthly and the information is stored within the red box for fire brigade purposes if required.

2. Project to replace initial fire doors identified as needing urgent replacement has finished. A full survey, inspection and examination of all fire doors has been completed.

3. The fire service controls are serviced 10 times annually and records are kept centrally at Emperor House.

Stay put policy

If you discover a fire:

  • Operate the nearest fire alarm immediately
  • If the fire is not in your property - remain in property until contacted by the Fire Brigade
  • If uncomfortable, then leave the building by the nearest exit, ensure your front door is closed securely behind you
  • If the fire is in your property - leave the building by the nearest exit
  • The best escape route is usually the normal way in and out of your home
  • Use the enclosed stairwell that leads to the ground floor
  • Do not use the lift

Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service

Concrete large panel system

Area Description Frequency
Fire risk assessment (FRA) An FRA is an inspection of the common areas of the building to check that fire safety arrangements meet legal fire safety requirements. It also identifies what else we can do to prevent fire and keep tenants safe Annually
Lift No. of passenger lifts: 2

Routine servicing carried out throughout the year. 

Thorough examination every six months as required by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
Communal electrics Communal electrical installations such as wiring, sockets and lights Five yearly cycle

Gas installations

Domestic gas appliances are installed in some flats

No domestic gas appliance in the communal parts of the building 

Domestic gas appliances are serviced annually
Dry riser Used by fire and rescue service to deliver water to the building during an emergency 6 monthly
Fire detection and warning system Includes the fire alarm system, smoke and heat detectors Quarterly
Emergency lighting Emergency lighting (or escape lighting) lights up a safe exit route if the mains power fails Monthly and an annual 3 hour test
Automatic open vents Smoke control ventilation system Bi annually