Fire doors

We use fire doors to prevent fire spreading from one area to another. Your front door is a fire door if you live in a flat in a high-rise building, low-rise building, sheltered housing scheme or extra care scheme.

What we are responsible for

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing all fire doors.

We will inspect fire doors, including your front door, at least once a year. It is important that you give us access to your flat so we can check the door will work correctly in a fire.

What you are responsible for

You must keep your front door closed when you are not using it, and never wedge or hold it open in any way.

You must never alter or interfere with the self-closing device on your door.

If a fire door is damaged, you must report a repair immediately.

You must never replace or change a fire door. Changes include:

  • adjusting the bottom, top or sides
  • painting or adding vinyl to the door
  • removing or adjusting door closers
  • repairing, changing or adding locks
  • changing the letterbox
  • decorating the door, like hanging wreathes or festive decorations
  • screwing anything into the door, including door knockers, door numbers, handles, chains and bolts

If you replace or change a fire door, we may charge you to complete any repairs.

You should close all doors in your property at night and when there is nobody in the property.

For more information

For more information about fire doors, email