Frozen condensate pipe transcript

Full transcript of the 'frozen condensate pipe' video.

If you see this fault F1 on a Glow-Worm boiler in particularly the colder months or the cold weather, the common fault is the condensate pipe which terminates outside, will be blocked and frozen.

So I'll just move this boxing and show you which pipe the condensate is.

So you can see this white plastic pipe coming out from the bottom of the boiler and going down through the unit, that's the condensate pipe.

So, to rectify that, what you do is you boil some water and then you go outside looking at where the pipe terminates through the wall, and then you just pour the hot water on the pipe.

Hopefully that will melt the ice, what's inside the pipe and rectify the problem.

So once you've poured the hot water on the pipe outside, what you want to do is come back and get something small with a pointy edge.

There's a little button under the screen. Just press that and then that'll reset the boiler and hopefully the problem will have been sorted.