Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, you need to give us four weeks' written notice. You must not end your tenancy, move out and leave your home without telling us first.

Who can end your tenancy

If you are in a joint tenancy, either tenant can end the tenancy. This will end the tenancy for both tenants.

To end your tenancy, 4 weeks before you plan to move out and leave your home you can:

Before you end your tenancy

You must:

  • clean and empty the property
  • have your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator inspect the property
  • tell your gas and electricity suppliers you are leaving the property, so they can read your meter
  • arrange for Royal Mail to send your post to your new address
  • repair or replace any broken fixtures and fittings you are responsible for

Find out more about the repairs you are responsible for.

When you end your tenancy

Tenancies always end on a Sunday. You must return your keys to us by midday on Monday the day after.

If the keys are not returned to us by midday on Monday, we may charge you an extra week’s rent.

After you move out and leave your home

We may charge you if the property:

  • is not clean
  • there is furniture left behind that was not agreed with your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator
  • needs repair work that you are responsible for