We are raising awareness of Gas Safety Week amid the Cost-of-Living Crisis

We are proud to support Gas Safety Week by raising awareness of gas safety amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Celebrating its twelfth year, Gas Safety Week, coordinated by Gas Safe Register, takes place between 12 – 18 September and aims to keep the nation gas safe through raising awareness of gas safety.

Last year, we reached a milestone in gas safety through completing the removal of domestic gas appliances from all our tower blocks, significantly improving the safety of the towers which are home to hundreds of tenants and residents. The change has also allowed tenants to benefit from reduced utility bills by using an alternative heat source to gas to warm their homes.

Amid the cost of the living crisis and rising gas prices, concerns are increasing around energy theft and the dangers of tampering with meters in order to save money. We are providing support to tenants concerned about paying their energy bills through our Money Matters Team. Tenants can get in touch by calling 0300 123 2004 or emailing moneymatters@gentoogroup.com.

This year’s campaign follows a gas explosion that occurred in February 2022 at a Gentoo property in Whickham Street, Roker. The explosion led to the hospitalisation of two tenants, displacement of others from their homes and over £1 million worth of damage. Investigations confirmed the incident could have easily led to fatalities and one tenant has since been jailed for five years, after being found guilty of causing the explosion.

We are taking the opportunity this Gas Safety Week to remind people that gas works should only ever be completed by a qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer, and should never be attempted as DIY. Tampering with gas appliances is illegal, extremely dangerous and poses risk to innocent people.

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at Gentoo, said:  

“Gas safety is important to Gentoo, not just this week, but every day. The Group has gas safety procedures in place to keep tenants safe, such as our annual gas safety check. The tragic events at Whickham Street early this year highlight how dangerous tampering with gas appliances can be. It is important to only let our qualified, Gas Safe registered engineers carry out gas related work in your home.

"We understand the cost-of-living crisis and the rising gas prices are concerning for everyone at the moment. We offer financial advice and support to all our tenants through our Money Matters Team who are trained to offer energy advice that can help tenants reduce energy costs and recover from fuel debt.”

If you suspect a Gentoo tenant is guilty of energy theft and are worried about the safety of yourself, your family, and others, you can anonymously report any concerns to us by calling 0191 525 5000.

For more information on Gas Safety Week visit: https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/gassafetyweek/

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We are raising awareness of Gas Safety Week amid the Cost-of-Living Crisis

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