IFF Research are contacting our tenants to ask for feedback about our services

We need your feedback to help us improve our services for all our tenants. We are working with IFF Research who are doing surveys for us so you can share your opinions and views on our services.

IFF Research will contact tenants from Monday 3 October. They will either:

  • email you from myresearch@voluntas.co.uk and send a reminder email from survey@iffresearch-dm.com
  • call you from 020 3148 7717

If IFF Research contact you, we would appreciate it if you could answer their questions about our services and give them feedback about us. They may ask you to confirm your contact details, and at the end of the survey they may ask if it is okay for us to contact you about your feedback from the survey.

They may ask you questions about:

  • our repairs service
  • your neighbourhood
  • our response to anti-social behaviour
  • how safe you feel in the area you live

The feedback collected from the surveys will be used to improve our services and processes.

Your answers will be confidential and is for IFF Research and Gentoo only, but we may share feedback with our contractors if it is about their service.

It is optional to take part in the survey. If you do not want to take part, you can let IFF Research know when they contact you and we will remove your details from the contact list.

The surveys help us with Tenant Satisfaction Measures and is a requirement by the Regulator of Social Housing. Find out more information about Tenant Satisfaction Measures on the government’s website.

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