Scrutiny Group

The Scrutiny Group helps us improve our service for tenants by reviewing business plans and our performance. The feedback helps us make sure what we do always benefits our tenants and residents.

Purpose of the group

The group meets 3 times a year with Gentoo management and a member of our Tenant Voice Team.

The group will review and provide feedback on:

  • business plans
  • operational performance
  • how we engage with tenants
  • any requests from Gentoo board or Tenant and Community Voice groups
  • important projects

The feedback provided is then reported to the Gentoo board and will be used to improve our service.

Volunteer with us

To volunteer and be part of the group, you must be a tenant, a leaseholder or live in a Gentoo neighbourhood.

If you would like to get involved, fill in the Scrutiny Group application form.

Benefits of being in the group

You will:

  • help us improve our services for tenants
  • gain committee experience
  • gain volunteering experience