My Gentoo

My Gentoo gives you access to different services to help you manage your tenancy. It is available 24 hours a day.

What you can do with My Gentoo

Once you have registered, you can use My Gentoo to:

  • view your rent statement
  • pay rent for your home, garage or car parking space
  • update your personal information
  • report repairs and book a time that suits you
  • cancel or rearrange a repair
  • view repairs history
  • send us a direct message about your tenancy or a repair

Register for My Gentoo

You will need your tenancy reference number to register for My Gentoo.

Your tenancy reference number is on your rent card or rent statement letter. It is the first 7 digits shown on the card or letter and starts with a ‘1’.

If you do not know your tenancy reference number, contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

Applying for a new home

My Gentoo has information about your current home and tenancy. If you want to apply for a new home, you can view all available properties on HomeHunt.