Gentoo delivers work in Sunderland worth more than £4 million in social value

We're celebrating after delivering social impact work in Sunderland to improve the lives of our tenants and the community worth more than £4 million.

In 2020-21, we generated a total social value of £4,035,434 through activities such as providing services for young people, old people, those with care needs, supporting local community organisations and supporting homeless people and those in temporary accommodation.

Despite spending most of the year operating under strict COVID legislation, our teams were still able to positively impact the lives of its tenants and the wider Wearside community through the provision of vital support services.

From supporting 221 victims of anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse to facilitating over £1 million pound worth of benefit claims and gains through our dedicated Money Matters Team, we strived to continue to be an essential lifeline for tenants throughout the pandemic.

These crucial services are delivered by us to support the lives of tenants and communities in Sunderland and are all delivered through our specialist, in-house teams.

Our social value report, which has launched this week, includes highlights of services carried out in Sunderland such as:

  • 72 people supported through its Wise Steps employment programme
  • Donating 200 Christmas dinners to tenants
  • 2,500 Easter Eggs donated to tenants and community organisations
  • 20 young peopled housed in Holmewood House support centre

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at Gentoo Group, said: “Our social value report is a showcase of the amazing work our colleagues and partners have delivered throughout what was an extremely challenging period for everyone.

“Tenants are at the heart of everything we do and I’m proud that we’re able to make a positive difference to the neighbourhoods we serve by delivering services that have a long lasting, and often life changing impact on tenants and the wider community.

“I’m extremely proud of everything Gentoo has achieved over the past twelve months and I look forward to continuing to provide services that deliver real social value.”

Our social value impact is measured using the HACT Wellbeing Valuation Approach, which is a robust method of measuring the social impact of each intervention based on how much it increases a person’s wellbeing.

Our 2020-21 Social Value report is available to read in full here.