Huge Stonewall achievement for Gentoo tenants and colleagues!

We're absolutely delighted to announce that we've been named as one of the most inclusive employers in Britain by lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) equality charity, Stonewall, in its Top 100 Employers list for 2020.

We've placed second in the Top 100 list for the work we've specifically done to successfully engage with our LGBT tenants to improve our housing services in Sunderland.

This year saw the largest list ever compiled by Stonewall, with 503 employers assessed. This demonstrates the widespread commitment from a huge number of organisations across the UK to LGBT workplace inclusion.

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at Gentoo Group, said:

“We're delighted to be placed second in the Workplace Equality Index 2020 and very proud of the commitment and passion shown by both colleagues and tenants to improve inclusivity in the workplace and in the communities of Sunderland.

“Taking part in the Index helps us to ensure we continually improve our approach and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our LGBT colleagues and tenants. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who made the Top 100, including Newcastle City Council for being ranked number one on the list - this is a great way to start 2020 for the North East, with both the 10th anniversary of Pride celebrations in Sunderland and UK Pride being hosted in Newcastle later this year.

"It’s inspiring to hear about all of the amazing work that’s being done to ensure every LGBT employee can be themselves in the workplace and I'm proud of the work Gentoo continues to deliver as part of this."

Sanjay Sood-Smith, Stonewall’s Executive Director of Workplace & Community Programmes, said:

“We are delighted to name Gentoo as one of our Top 100 Employers this year. All the organisations in this year's Top 100 Employer's list are playing a huge role in improving the lives of LGBT people, and should be very proud of their work.

“We still don't live in a world where everyone is able to be themselves in the workplace, as we know more than a third of LGBT staff (35 per cent) hide who they are at work. By taking steps to make their workplaces supportive and welcoming of all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, organisations such as Gentoo are bringing us closer to a world where everyone is accepted without exception.”

As part of the Top 100, Stonewall collects more than 109,000 anonymous responses from employees on their experience of Britain’s workplace culture and diversity. This year, 81 per cent of LGBT employees who responded to the survey said they feel able to be themselves in the workplace.

Stonewall’s Top 100 is compiled from submissions to the Workplace Equality Index, a powerful benchmarking tool used by employers to assess their achievements and progress on LGBT equality in the workplace, as well as their wider work in the community and on service provision.

Each organisation must demonstrate their expertise in 10 areas of employment policy and practice, including networking groups, senior leadership, procurement and how well they’ve engaged with LGBT communities.

To see the full list, please visit: