Aspire round up - Washington

Washington Village in Bloom (WVIB)

Image: Flower beds in Washington Village 

Washington Village in Bloom have been awarded £500 to hire a metered stand pipe to water the shrubs.

WVIB applied for funding to help maintain the shrubs in Washington Village centre. The residents were so happy with the result they entered The Northumbria in Bloom awards and were successful in winning the Gold award for the village.

Here’s what the group said:

“Your grant has been an amazing help to an area that that suffered badly last year with a water leak and lots of the plants were destroyed. The comments from the residents have been amazing “pleasure to open the curtains each morning”, “makes me smile when I walk past”, “how beautiful is this area now”, 

The Bloom Group are always willing to help with a neglected area but we do need funds to be able to work and transform the beds.”

Quote from the WVIB newsletter to all volunteers. “Super pleased with this result as we have put such a lot of hard work in over the past year to create new flower beds and develop new areas in our lovely little village. Big thanks to the businesses who also supported us.”

Washington Community Clothing Meet

Image: Donated clothes at Washington Community Clothing Meet

Washington Community Clothing Meet have been awarded £500 for storage costs and uniform for the volunteers with the group logo on.

This is the only clothing bank in Sunderland ran purely by volunteers. There is a real need for this service, we have a wide range of people who come to us for help with clothing. It makes a real difference to some people to have new clothing even if they are second hand.

Washington Mind

Washington Mind were awarded £500 to provide mediation/wellbeing sessions to service users to help reduce anxiety and depression.

Washington Mind said “The grant has enabled us to us to fund the group for 25 weeks and helped us to offer extra therapeutic support to those people who suffer with a mental illness”.

Little Treasures

Little Treasures were awarded £500.

Little Treasures run workshops from Washington Village Community Centre once a month, but with additional funding hope to increase this to twice a month. 

Little Treasures said “We used the funding for a workshop to be delivered to parents/carers of autistic children around sex education and relationships.”

Residents of Peacehaven Court were awarded £451.

The grant will be used to fund a summer fayre for residents of Peacehaven and Roseberry court to help reduce social isolation and create new friendships.

Applying for an Aspire Grant

Aspire is easy to apply for, application forms and guidance notes can be found here or in any local office. The guidance notes include further information on what Aspire grants can be used for and how you can apply.  

However if you wish to discuss your application or need assistance with applying, please contact the Customer and Community team on 0191 525 2760 or via email to