USTOO Customer Scrutiny Group

Following the conclusion of the scrutiny on the Young Person’s Service, the USTOO Customer Scrutiny Group met on 19 March.  The Group discussed the Social Housing Green paper and the recent announcement of the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Together With Tenants four point plan, which Gentoo has signed up to be an early adopter of. 

The group reviewed a number of potential areas for their next scrutiny project, including Target setting/Performance monitoring, Investment Plan, Estate Management and Customer Complaints.  Following a discussion on the possible scopes of the potential scrutiny areas the group decided to review the area of Customer Complaints.   

The main purpose of the review was to ensure that:

  • customers know how to make a complaint
  • have the confidence that the concern will be resolved in a professional and timely manner
  • that the information is provided in a customer friendly way and in a variety of formats

The USTOO group used a variety of methods during their review including a desktop review of documentation, review of websites, and mystery shopping. The findings from the review were presented, by the Chair of the USTOO group, to the June Operations Committee meeting. The Gentoo Management Team will now review the recommendations and present an action plan to Operations Committee at their September meeting.

If you would like to be involved in the USTOO Customer Scrutiny Group, please contact Jo Noble, Governance Manager on 0191 525 2852 or