• Students from Beacon of Light School join School Business Manager Jackie Smith (L) and Michelle Meldrum (R), Executive Director (Operations) at Gentoo Group, for breakfast

Breakfast boosts learning at Beacon of Light School

Pupils at Beacon of Light School are guaranteed a nutritious start to the day thanks to a breakfast club provided by Gentoo Group and Greggs Foundation.

Up to 60 children each day receive a free breakfast to help them begin the school day with a full stomach and all the nutrients they need for learning.

Funding from Gentoo Group covers the costs of cereals, juice, fruit, yoghurts and spreads while Greggs provides fresh bread to the school every morning free of charge.

Michelle Meldrum, Executive Director (Operations) at Gentoo Group, said: “We know that hungry children are at a disadvantage at school as they can find it difficult to concentrate and take part in school activities.

“Providing a breakfast club like this means every child at Beacon of Light School has the chance to have a nutritious breakfast and to get the most out of their education”.

Lynne Hindmarch, Greggs Foundation breakfast club manager, said: “Breakfast is something that many of us take for granted but the reality is that too many families simply don’t have the means to provide a healthy breakfast for their children.

“We’re proud to be helping Beacon of Light School breakfast club provide pupils with a nutritious start to their day in a fun and relaxed environment with their friends”.

Students at Beacon of Light School are feeling a real benefit from the breakfast club. Morgan and Ellie said: “We like breakfast club – especially the cereal, fruit and toast. Having food in the morning makes us feel less tired and helps us concentrate in lessons”.

Research by the Greggs Foundation has shown that breakfast clubs have a direct impact on the academic attainment and health of children, helping them to concentrate, develop social skills and improve their nutrition. 

Greggs Foundation breakfast clubs launched in 1999 and there are now more than 500 nationwide, with 223 partners like Gentoo Group supporting them.

Any businesses interested in supporting a new Greggs Breakfast Club, contact or visit for more details.