Gentoo receive Silver Award for support to Armed Forces Community

Gentoo has received a Silver Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) rewards and recognises UK employers and organisations for their support and commitment towards defence.

Silver Award holders demonstrate an exceptional level of support for defence, they actively communicate their commitment to this agenda and uphold a positive stance to their employees who are members of the Armed Forces Community.  They show flexibility towards reservist employees’ training and mobilisation commitments and support the employment of cadet instructors, armed forces veterans (including wounded, injured and sick) and military spouses/partners.

Gentoo, already a signatory on Sunderland’s Community Covenant, proudly promote their own Corporate Covenant and have been recognised for ongoing work in relation to the Armed Forces agenda.

As part of their commitment, Gentoo has established a Gentoo Armed Forces Veterans Group made up of current employees and have a dedicated section on their website outlining their commitment.

Will Adie, Technical Manager at Gentoo Group served in HM Corps of Royal Engineers (Sappers), he said: “For Gentoo to actively recognise the military service of both prospective and current employees is fantastic and a valuable recruitment asset to the Group.  Service personnel gain unrivalled experience and personal qualities during their service that should be valued by any employer.  It’s great to be part of a company that shows commitment to the Armed Forces Community, as well as being actively involved in influencing our Armed Forces agenda.” 

John Craggs, Acting Chief Executive of Gentoo Group added: “Across the UK there are thousands of men and women returning home after serving their country, and often putting their lives on the line.  Improving services for returning service personnel is really important to us as we know this type of work can make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Gary McLafferty, the NE Employer Engagement Director for Defence Relationship Management at North of England Reserve Forces’ and Cadets Association said: “We are really pleased that Gentoo Group has been recognised for the support it provides for the Armed Forces Community. They are now one of only 23 organisations in the North East who have this award from the Ministry of Defence and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”