• 6th November 2018

Northumbria Police: Challenge us

Northumbria Police have organised an event at the Raich Carter Sports Centre on Tuesday 6 November 2018 from 10.0am - 2.00pm to give you the opportunity to bring any problems or issues to the attention of the police and other agencies. 

The following agencies will be present at the event: 

  • Advocacy Centre North 
    Free, high quality, independent advocacy 
  • Sunderland City Council ASB Team 
    Tackling ASB in your neighbourhood 
  • Salvation Army and Street Pastors 
    Here for you in your community 
  • Sunderland Care and Support 
    Supporting the vulnerable and the carers 
  • Live Life Well 
    Are you looking after your health? 
  • Sunderland People First 
    Helping those with learning difficulties
  • Gentoo
    For all your local housing needs 
  • Coast Watch 
    Protecting your coastline 
  • 02
    Do you know what your children are accessing online?
  • Citizens Advice
    Finding a way forward whatever the problem 
  • Sunderland Bangladesh International Centre 
    Meeting the need of the Bangladeshi community 
  • Sunderland GP Alliance 
    Cancer awareness advice 
  • Health Steps 
    Informing, encouraging and support the BME