Applying for Rent to Buy

Apply for a Rent to Buy home in three simple steps.

Apply in three simple steps

  • Fill in the Rent to Buy application form  and return it to us 
  • A Financial Advisor will get in touch and will need some documents from you
  • Once you’re financially approved, you can pick your new home!

If you’re a couple, then you’ll need to apply as a joint tenancy and be assessed together. Any resident aged over 18 can be assessed.

What we need from you: 

  • If you are employed: your last three-monthly salary slips (or six weeks if you get paid weekly)
  • If you are self-employed: your last three years of your accounts/SA302s
  • Proof of ID: passport/driving licence
  • Last three months’ bank statements for all of your accounts

You'll also need:

  • Proof of employment, such as your annual salary or gross self-employed earnings
  • Information on any overtime, bonuses or commission you earn
  • Information on any payslip deductions such as childcare, pension etc
  • Information on any monthly commitments such as loans, credit cards or hire purchase agreements you may have
  • Information on any credit card balances
  • You may be asked to provide credit reference files from Experian & Equifax