HomeHunt lists all our available properties and is free to use. You must register and fill in an application form so you can rent a home from us.

If you have a HomeHunt account

Sign in to HomeHunt to find and bid for a home.

If you forget your HomeHunt password, enter your email address on forgot your password to reset it. If you do not have an email address, call us on 0191 525 5000 and select option 3.

HomeHunt accounts

You must register and fill in an application form so you can rent a home from us.

Before you register

Make sure you have your:

  • address history for the last 5 years
  • National Insurance number if you have one

Your National Insurance number is on benefit letters, payslips and P60s. It is formatted like ‘QQ123456C’.

You will also need details about:

  • any housing and support needs
  • your income and employment
  • any savings and property equity
  • your offending history and criminal convictions
  • other people who will live with you, including their National Insurance numbers if they are 16 years old or older

Register for a HomeHunt account

Register for an account on HomeHunt.

Once you have an account, you must fill in a Gentoo application form.

The application form asks if you would like to register with a specific landlord. Select ‘Yes’ and ‘Gentoo’ so you can apply for our available properties.

It also asks you for your permanent address, this is where you are living now. If you leave this blank, it will ask for a correspondence address.

Housing needs and allocation bands

We use the information in your application form to put you in an allocation band based on your housing needs. We may ask you for evidence to help put you in the correct band.

We automatically add you to band 3 so you can start bidding for a home as soon as possible. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you if your band has changed. Your band will also be in your HomeHunt account.

If you cannot bid for a home, it may be because your application is not complete or information needs updating.

The 4 allocation bands

Band 1+ is for people who live in a Gentoo renewal area. This is where properties need major improvements.

Band 1 is for people who have a legal or urgent need of housing and need to move at once.

Band 2 is for people who have a priority housing need.

Band 3 is for people who have general housing needs. This includes people who live outside of Sunderland.

If you disagree with your allocation band

You have the right to ask for a review of your allocation band.

If you are not yet a Gentoo tenant and you want to ask for a review of your allocation band, fill in the get help with HomeHunt form.

If you are a Gentoo tenant and you want to ask for a review of your allocation band, call 0191 525 5000 and select option 3.

If you live outside of Sunderland, contact your local council and they will be able to change your allocation band.

Bidding for a property

We advertise available properties every Wednesday at 2pm. Each advert runs for 7 days until midday the following Wednesday.

You can bid for up to 5 properties a week. Each week starts when we advertise our available properties. You must bid for or get help to bid for properties on HomeHunt.

Withdrawing your bid

If you are no longer interested in a property that you have bid on, you must withdraw your bid before the advert closes.

You can use HomeHunt to withdraw a bid or call 0191 525 5000 and select option 3.

Support is available

Your local office can support you if you:

  • do not have a computer or access to the internet
  • have any questions about your allocation band
  • need help to fill in the online application form

If you need support or have any questions, you can:

Further reading

Allocations Policy (PDF, 587KB)