Autumn fun for the family

Autumn is here and it brings lots of fun for you and your family to enjoy. From autumn walks to seasonal crafts, here are some of our favourite activities for you to enjoy this season…

Herrington Country Park
Admire the changing colours of autumn at Herrington Country Park. There is a variety of activities to enjoy here from walking and cycling to skating at the skate park and enjoying the adventure play area.

Picnic at Barnes Park
Pack a hot flask of tea and blankets in your backpack and head to Barnes Park with your family. The park stretches over two miles where you can enjoy walking in nature, fun in the play areas and feeding the ducks at the pond.

Roast marshmallows
An autumn favourite… cosying up and roasting marshmallows. Bring chocolate for extra tastiness!

Leaf crafts
There are lots of crafts you can enjoy by collecting autumnal leaves… collect a variety of shades from yellow to red and stick them to card in the shapes of animals or trees.

Collecting conkers
Conkers only come around once a year so get in the festive spirit of autumn and go conker collecting, and you can even play the famous conker game!

Pumpkin picking
Pumpkins offer lots of delicious autumnal recipes so why not enjoy an afternoon of pumpkin picking. There are farms around the area including Down at the Farm at Houghton-le-Spring where you can pick pumpkins with the family.

Whatever you do this autumn, make it fun!