Rickleton Residents Association

Rickleton Residents Association is open to all residents from the village. The group has been established since 1994 and meets up monthly to share information to local residents via email, Facebook, Next Door Rickleton, word of mouth and in the cabinet display outside the shop.

The group meet at Rickleton Chapel (Rickleton Church), now the House of Destiny Pentecostal church, on the first Tuesday of the month (except for August). Meetings are fairly informal and don’t always include a speaker. Notes of the meeting are circulated to members who cannot attend and the agencies we have made contact with. The meetings chair of the Association. Residents also take part in a monthly litter pick which takes place on the first Saturday of the month.

Their main purpose is to develop links with other service providers and organisations to monitor amenities and improve the quality of life for residents. They publicise information about local issues such as urgent care surveys and Northumbrian Water campaigns to try and ensure as many residents as possible can contribute and benefit. They encourage services to improve communication and work together.

The group support all residents of the village including:

  • Children attending the local school (especially the eco rangers)
  • Woodland trust as woodland wardens plus we are represented at local groups including Gentoo (via the Community Engagement Forum, estate walkabouts and other consultation groups);
  • Local council (most recently Washington Area Committee meetings)
  • Sustrans
  • Keep Washington Tidy
  • Community Support police
  • Local chapel

Their main aims are:

  • Enhance the appearance of the village
  • Encourage community participation in taking care of the environment
  • Encourage general community cohesion with people looking out for each other and an opportunity to reduce isolation.
  • Undertake /commission/lobby for clearance of grot spots, planting of bulbs and flowers, monitor litter/dog bin provision, watching out for and reporting fly tipping amongst other issues.

Looking ahead they are hoping to undertake research on the history of the village with the plan to produce a leaflet to share. We are also a trained dementia friendly group and help to spread awareness.