Update on CHAINs and Information and Knowledge sessions

During the recent months, we have held a selection of CHAINS (Customers Helping Achieve Improvements Now) and Information and Knowledge sessions.

Information and Knowledge

Information and knowledge session usually hosted by a senior member of Gentoo Staff and provide customers with information regarding a specific area of the business. 

There is little or no involvement from the customer at these events. It is purely a learning experience to enable you to find out more about Gentoo Group as a business.

7 November 2018 - Community Engagement and Planning

This session was to share information of the new engagement structure and how we involve customers in all aspects of the business.  It included information on the new Community Engagement Forums which are held Citywide. There was 13 attendees.


These sessions are similar to what was the Task and Finish Groups.

Customers get involved in projects and help to shape or change currents practices and policies within the business. Each project is unique and the length of the project is discussed at the first session.  Some may take only one session, whereas other projects may take three or four sessions to complete.

5 November 2018 - Gardening Competition

This CHAIN only needed one session and five customers attended. Those that attended gave ideas and suggestions on that prizes we could give and what categories we could include in the next competition.

19 November 2018 - Neighbourhood Safety Policy

Five customers attended this CHAIN and are currently revising the policy based on their feedback.

3 December 2018 - No Access (follow up session)

This was the 2nd session of this CHAIN and was attended by nine customers. The group was advised of the suggestions for change in response to the first CHAIN session.  The changes are now to go through the internal governance approval procedure before being implemented in 2019.

5 December 2018 - Budget Consultation

At the request of Sunderland City Council, information regarding the proposed budget spending was shared with all interested customers.  The customers were asked to respond with their ideas and comments by 2 January 2019 direct to Sunderland Council.