Why gardening is good for your health

There are so many benefits to gardening. Planting bulbs, digging weeds and spending time in the fresh air can boost physical and mental health. Here's four ways spending time in your garden can improve your wellbeing:

Relieve stress and improve self-esteem
Being exposed to sunlight and fresh air boosts your mood, allows you to soak up Vitamin D and triggers positive responses in your brain, leaving you feeling calm.

Lose weight
Gardening is a great way of exercising without exhausting yourself at the gym. It also helps burn calories; just 15 to 30 minutes of gardening can burn up to 250 calories.

Protect your heart
Reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke by spending time pruning, trimming and planting bulbs and seeds. Gardening can also increase your life span by 30 percent, according to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine

Reduce anxiety
Sufferers of anxiety can worry about things that haven't happened yet. Spending time in nature can help you focus on the now, helping distract you from your worries.

What do you love about gardening?

Every year we host our Give it a Grow gardening competition. It's a great way to show pride in where you live in addition to positively affecting your health. You can find out more and enter, here: