Gentoo recognised for enriching the lives of Sunderland’s BME community

Gentoo has won three awards for their continued commitment to the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community in Sunderland, in particular their active contribution in promoting new employment opportunities.

The Sunderland Black and Minority Ethnic Network (SBMEN) work with members and partners to enrich the lives of the local BME Communities. The One Voice Community Awards recognises their efforts and celebrates the significant and continued contribution of individuals, groups and organisations to the prosperity, ingenuity and diversity of the city of Sunderland.

Gentoo were presented with an ‘Employability Contribution’ award by Councillor Michael Dixon. In addition, Jackie Pitt, Community Partnership Coordinator and Lucy Malarkey, Deputy Director from Gentoo were given awards for their individual contributions and efforts in supporting the BME community. The awards were held on 27 November 2017 at The Bistro, Sunderland College, City Campus.

Gentoo work very closely with the BME network and regularly attend meetings. These are used to share information about housing, community engagement   initiatives and career opportunities.

Mohammed Rahman has recently secured a job with Gentoo through the SBMEN. He said: “I am delighted with my new role as an Assistant Accountant at Gentoo. If I wasn’t part of the network I might not have applied or even been made aware of this job. I think it’s great that Gentoo is part of the BME network helping to spread the word about new employment opportunities.”

Lucy Malarkey, Deputy Director, Gentoo said: “We are delighted to receive these awards for our work with the BME community. At Gentoo we are committed to ensuring we are an inclusive employer and that our services are accessible for all. This is a great example of how working in partnership can help build stronger communities and provide new opportunities for those living and working in Sunderland.”

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