• From left to right, Gentoo Health & Safety Advisor, Nicola Tinsley, Adderlane Academy Head Teacher Emma Potts and Gentoo Health & Safety Manager Dave Box, with pupils from Adderlane Academy

Pupils put on protection equipment for health and safety lesson

Pupils from Adderlane Academy have had an opportunity to experience what it is like to wear full personal protection equipment (PPE) as part of an important health and safety visit from our very own Dave Box and Nicola Tinsley.

We're in the process of building the new 404 home Cottier Grange development on the outskirts of Prudhoe and our work with Adderlane Academy is crucial to raising awareness of the dangers posed by our building site amongst young people in the area.

Gentoo’s Health and Safety Manager, David Box, delivered a fun and interactive assembly to the whole academy, with a hard-hitting scenario-based video being shown to the pupils, featuring three young actors playing dangerously on a building which ends in tragedy.

As part of the session pupils from the academy volunteered to be dressed up in full PPE to highlight the level of protection needed by anyone entering a dangerous construction site.

We have experienced breaches of our perimeter fence since we secured the site in 2016 and we're extremely concerned about the risk this poses to local children who may be playing near the development.

David Box, Health and Safety Manager at Gentoo said:

“As a responsible housing developer, it’s extremely important for us to raise awareness of the huge dangers posed by construction sites such as Cottier Grange, especially to children. Serious injury and sometimes death can be caused when people illegally enter building sites and we simply do not want anyone accessing the site who shouldn’t be. It’s great to work so closely with schools like Adderlane so that we can pass this message on to the children directly.”

Emma Potts, Head Teacher at Adderlane Academy, added:

“It was great for David to deliver such a fabulous and interesting assembly to the children. Everyone found it really interesting and I’m pleased the children interacted so well. It’s really important for us to raise awareness of the health and safety risks posed by building sites and we hope the children will listen to Dave’s advice.”