• Gordon and Lesley Ibinson

Community champion’s last bout

For over 50 years, Town End Farm Boys and Girls Boxing Club has been providing a safe place for the community to come together, keep fit and compete in boxing competitions.

Ran by retired boxer Gordon Ibinson along with his wife Lesley and a number of local volunteers, the club has benefited from Aspire Grants from Gentoo to purchase new equipment, as well as assistance from our Grounds Maintenance Team who have maintained the land around the club.

It has been utilised by the British Army since 2012 to train the Royal Artillery’s elite team of boxers. Staff Sargent Simon Patterson commented “It’s a great place to bring my team and every time we’ve trained here we’ve produced at least one or two champions, it’s definitely somewhere we will keep coming back to.”

Now, Gordon and Lesley Ibinson are stepping down from their roles at the club to enjoy retirement. The club will remain open, as they pass leadership over to some of their committed volunteers including their daughter Elaine.

The club is open to all between the hours of 9am – 12pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and 5.30pm – 9.30pm Monday to Friday.

Happy retirement Gordon and Lesley!