Free woodwork and joinery courses

The Wood Pile is offering free courses in woodwork and furniture upcycling for the unemployed aged 19 and over and living in Country Durham or Tyne and Wear. They're also providing support for people with a range of disabilities. The courses will run for eight weeks and are starting on 21 November 2017 or 13 February 2018. Each course runs for two hours per week. 

The Joinery programme

The aim of this course is to teach the fundamental knowledge, skill and confidence in the effective use of the basic essential hand tools for practical, high-quality joinery. Over the six-week course, you'll cover the basic joints, techniques and practical considerations required to independently and confidently undertake a huge range of practical tasks. As a vehicle for this you will mostly focus on completing a small project piece, however, all the skills you will cover in session are highly transferable and there will be an emphasis on how everything learned can and should be applied to house carpentry, furniture repairs, finish joinery and even arts and crafts.

The Upcycle programme

The Wood Pile will support enterprising activity by providing a budget to upcycle a piece of furniture. Attendees will then restore the furniture with assistance, and market the piece for sale to the general public, all of the activity that is required to then sell the furniture is the responsibility of the group including any administration, marketing and PR.

Aims and Objectives: The theme of the programme is upcycling furniture on a budget, and gaining skills on painting shabby chic style, marketing, administration activity, and the sale of the finished product, this will all assist you in employability and future aspirations.

By the end of the course you should have an insight into the world of work, an understanding of upcycling, PR and the use of Social Media to market a product.

The Wood Pile is also hoping to keep clients on as volunteers after the course.

For further information, contact:

Karen Stubbings on 0191 386 9735