• Darren Cliff (Amber's father) Kash Dagg (Ashbrooke Residents) Julie White (Berghaus) Daley Seafield (Gentoo) Susie Thompson (Gentoo) Judith Ridley (Gentoo) Heather Kemp (Berghaus) Mary Todner (Ashbrooke Residents) Donna Cliff (Amber's Mother)

Remembering Amber Rose Cliff

A memorial plaque has been laid in Rocket Park, Azalea Terrace in Ashbrooke in remembrance of Amber Rose Cliff.

Amber, who was a Neighbourhood Coordinator for Gentoo, sadly passed away from cervical cancer aged just 25; following a brave battle with the disease.

The plaque, which also supports ‘Amber’s Law’, the family’s national campaign which calls for a change in the smear test law to allow women under 25 to have the right to choose to have a smear test, is laid in the area Amber managed whilst working at Gentoo.

Funded by Gentoo, the plaque has been supported by Ashbrooke Residents who sourced and planted three ‘Amber’ rose trees surrounding it, which will flower deep orange and apricot roses when in bloom. Rigby Taylor, a landscaping company, donated wild flower seeds for the park and Berghaus cleared the land prior to the installation.

John Craggs, Chief Executive Officer at Gentoo said: “Amber was an incredibly talented and bright young lady who is missed by everyone at Gentoo.

“Her passing at such a young age is tragic, but we hope the plaque will be a fitting way to remember Amber and celebrate the positive impact she had on so many people in this community.”

To support Amber’s Law, the family are encouraging people to sign the petition