• 28th June 2018

More Than Grandparents

More than Grandparents is a support group ran by and for Kinship Carers.

A kinship carer can be anyone raising the child of a family member or a friend. Kinship carers can also be referred to as family and friends carers.

They aim to help carers understand their rights and entitlements and sources of support available to them and their children to minimise the risk of families living in poverty. The group aim to assist Kinship carers in becoming more confident when involved with professionals from other agencies by encouraging them to share their thoughts and feeling in a safe environment.

They also aim to help kinship carers and their children to have a better sense of wellbeing and minimise their feelings of isolation by offering 1-1 support and guidance, group support and recreational opportunities. 

call in between 1pm and 3pm any Thursday afternoon.

for more information, please contact



St Marks Commuity Association
St Mark's Terrace