Changes we are making to rents and service charges in 2022 to 2023

We need to make sure that your rent is enough to pay for your existing services, including repairing and improving your home.

Changes to rent

Every year we review your rent based on government guidelines, which are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI provides a guide on what it costs to buy general household goods and services. This includes things like food, clothes and transport.

In September 2021, the CPI was 3.1%. We can add 1% on top of the CPI, so this year we will increase your rent by 4.1%, along with most other social housing landlords across England.

Changes to service charges

Some tenants pay a service charge as well as rent. This charge covers things like:

  • communal lighting
  • lift maintenance
  • concierge
  • stair lift maintenance
  • communal laundry facilities

Service charges are also increasing. At the most this will be an increase of £5 a week. You will get a copy of your service charge breakdown with your rent letter in February 2022.

How we spend your rent

This year, we will spend:

  • £66 million repairing, maintaining and investing in properties
  • £35 million building new homes for rent
  • £28 million running our business and paying our employees
  • £23 million on interest and loan repayments
  • £5 million on other costs, like pension bonds and insurance
  • £4 million maintaining our estates
  • £4 million on service charges

Next steps

You will receive your rent increase letter at the end of February.

It will set out exactly what your new rent and service charge payments will be from April 2022.

Help and support

We understand the cost of living is going up, including buying food and energy bills.

If you are worried or need help paying your rent, contact our Money Matters Team by:

Calls will cost the same as a call to a landline and texts will be charged at your network’s standard rate. Both will be included as part of any inclusive minutes or texts on your mobile phone package.

Contact us

If you have questions or comments, get in touch by:

You can send letters to:

Tenant Voice Team
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