Decorating your home

We want all tenants to feel at home in their property and encourage them to decorate.

Before you decorate

You may need permission or planning permission before you decorate or adapt your home.

You must contact us before you:

  • lay laminate flooring
  • replace doors
  • replace the kitchen or bathroom
  • install new pipework for cookers
  • install a shower
  • change your electric fittings

When asking for permission, include:

  • details of what you want to do
  • who you plan to get to do the work, this includes if you are doing the work yourself, getting someone you know or paying a tradesperson
  • how long the work will take and when you expect to finish it
  • if you think you will need an asbestos check before starting
  • if you need planning permission

If you decorate or adapt your home without our permission, you have breached your tenancy agreement. We may ask you to return the property to its original condition and charge you for any costs.

Contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator to get permission to decorate or adapt your home. If you live in sheltered housing or an extra care scheme, contact your Scheme Manager.