Rate your estate

We want our customers to be proud of where they live.


Our Neighbourhood Co-ordinators regularly check our estates to make sure they are clean and in a good condition. This includes checking for things like:

  • communal areas that needs repairing
  • illegally dumped rubbish and fly tipping
  • land around your home that needs maintaining

Estates are rated excellent, good, satisfactory or poor.

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July 2020

Downhill: Satisfactory

October 2019

East Rainton: Excellent

September 2019

Glebe: Satisfactory

Witherwack: Excellent

August 2019

Hartley Wood and The Pennies: Excellent

Hollycarrside: Excellent

July 2019

Hendon South: Excellent

Roseberry Court: Excellent

June 2019

Easington Lane: Excellent

Newport: Good

September 2018

Thorney Close: Excellent

August 2018

Grange Estate: Excellent

Hertburn Estate: Good 

Leafields and Faber Road: Excellent

July 2018

Grindon: Excellent

June 2018

Barmston: Excellent

Hylton Castle: Excellent

Peat Carr: Excellent

May 2018

East End and high-rise buildings: Excellent

Humbledon and Plains Farm: Excellent

Lakeside high-rise buildings: Excellent